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"One Balloon Thing Please!"

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

When we started Extra Betty two plus years ago, I can't tell you the number of times a client would reach out and ask for "one of those balloon things?" I mean, balloons were still just hitting their stride here in Northeast Ohio and a Balloon Marquee or Mosaic? Forget it! Some of my fabulous balloon pals were doing them, but they definitely weren't well known en masse. Most till called them balloon arches instead of garlands, or bouquets instead of marquees!

Fast forward two years later and balloons have blown up more than ever (get used to the puns if you want to hang out here!) That being said, it's still worth walking through all of the different types of #balloonhappiness you'll find down that Pinterest wormhole because it will help you make an informed balloon decor decision (that's a fancy way of saying you'll be super happy!)

The Balloon Garland

Some call it an arch which can get super confusing since, well, we also make ACTUAL balloon arches. In its most basic form a garland is a string of clustered balloons that can drape or hang on an existing structure or rented backdrop.

These undulating beauties can be cute little clusters or stretch on for days - its up to you, your desired look and your budget (of course!)

You can funk them up with foils or keep them clean and simple and let those gorgeous orbs do the talking. We've been known to throw in some floral from time to time, too.

Garlands are great for indoor OR outdoor installations - but remember that balloons don't love extreme heat, cold, sun or wind. That being said, you can rest assured we use the highest quality balloons and techniques that ensure they last their longest indoors (weeks to months) or outdoors (several days).

One important thing to keep in mind when planning for a garland is where it will hang. While things like fireplace mantels, stair railings and entryways are pretty much made for this style, we can work with whatever space you've got using the tricks (and backdrop rentals) we've got up our sleeve. If you're unsure, just reach out and we'll help you pick the perfect place.

Best For: Weddings, Showers, Photo Backdrops, Front Porches, Storefronts

Check out some of our fave balloon garlands HERE

The Balloon Marquee

Balloon marquees are kind of like a giant birthday card if a birthday card was the size of a major appliance or minor planet. We can customize these big beauties to any theme you can imagine, and some you can't!

I've got a soft spot for these because they're the first style I tackled when starting out. I just couldn't believe the creations I was seeing online and was fascinated by how it was all held together while looking so effortless and downright magical.

I love them for birthday photos, plopped on a gift table, or flanking a fireplace. Keep in mind that balloon marquees are best suited to indoor fun - they can be weighted or tied down but they do catch a lot of wind (remember, they're huge).

If you're all about perusing perfect marquees and my feed leaves you wanting more, I invite you to check out some of my pals: Violiet Pineapple, Bonnie's Balloonery, Pumped Balloon Boutique and Designer Events!

Best For: Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries - anything with a number

See more of our adorable balloon marquees HERE

The Balloon Mosaic

I'm no balloon historian (um but if you are one please reach out because I want to talk to you for a few hours), but this is likely the most recent addition to the balloon decor family thanks to the one and only Lilly Gimenez of The Creative Heart Studio (you can check her out HERE and HERE).

These clean-lined cuties pack a HELLA punch! If you're looking for a "WOW - I've never seen anything like that before!" then this is likely your best bet. It takes a well-trained #balloonstylist to make these look picture-perfect.

We love lining up several #balloonmosaics to spell out a special phrase or year - available in sizes 3-5' tall. CONTACT US for a custom quote.

Best For: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Corporate Events (we LOVE a custom logo mosaic!)

See more amazing balloon marquees HERE

Crazy Towers

Ok I lied these may be the newest player in the #balloongame and have been perfected by the likes of Balloons Boutique USA, Charming Garlands and Tangled Balloons just to name a few.

**Corporate clients - these are a PERFECT option if you've seen one too many spiraled balloon columns in your life. Plus, they're sure to score you a pat on the back from the higher ups.**

Everyone else - Crazy Towers are SO much fun for birthdays and can be totally customized to any theme you could imagine.

Best For: Store Openings, Malls, Corporate Events, Birthdays

Planning a school or corporate event? Reach out HERE

Classic Decor

It's classic for a reason - these styles have been around forever and sometimes nothing does it quite like they do.

Think columns, uniform arches... you know, the traditional stuff. Classic decor is often a bit less expensive than more custom, organic styles which is great to keep in mind when you're shopping on a #balloonbudget.

Best For: Finish Lines, Car Dealerships, Schools, Corporate Events on a Budget

Planning a school or corporate event? Reach out HERE

Helium Jumbos

Yup - helium has been hard to come by as of late but when we've got it we FLAUNT it with fab jumbo balloons (think like 2.5' wide!) and add a custom name charm and tassel tail for good measure.

These guys can last for DAYS and DAYS indoors and, I mean, try not to smile when you're handed something so audaciously adorable.

Best For: Birthdays,Congratulations, Lost Tooth, Boring Wednesday

See all of our helium offerings HERE


Honestly I haven't even listed every type of balloon fun we have to offer but this should be an awesome place to get started on your journey to finding your #balloonsoulmate. Rest assured we are hear to talk you through all of the above, and then some, if you need a hand hold - just fill out our Inquiry Form and let's get started!



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