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Hearts, Kisses & BALLOONS!

VALENTINE'S it or loathe it - it's coming!

I just so happen to find myself in the "LOVE IT" camp - any excuse to celebrate is fine by me. Add in bright colors, happy shapes and CHEESE (I'm not a fan of chocolate, sue me) and I'm SO there.

So, whether you're celebrating Valentine's, GALentine's or PALentine's (or just want to look at something pretty while you eat a takeout pizza with your pup) let's talk BALLOONS!

First things first, some swoon-worth inspiration:

Chill, chill - I know, I know - you're totally obsessed with Valentine's Day balloons now, as you should be. The only question now is - how are you going to incorporate them into YOUR day of love? Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Fireplace Fun

via fab functions by kelly

This look could not be easier to recreate! Simply snag yourself a gorgeous cursive LOVE balloon HERE. Place a square of painters tape on the wall where you'd like to hang it, attach with a GLUE DASH and you're set! Fill the fireplace (or area in front of it) with an array of latex balloons, add some foil heart balloons the same way you attached the love balloon - and you're done!

DIY Heart Wall

Modern, sleek and sophisticated - we love a good heart wall - so much so that Extra Betty offers a DIY Kit for this exact look HERE. Don't have time to wait for shipping? AYLBS (Ask Your Local Balloon Stylist) or grab the heart balloons, glue dashes, painters tape and hand pump you need to make it happen and tackle it from scratch.

Simply lay out your grid with small squares of painters tape, then attach each inflated balloon to the wall with one or two glue dashes. Voila!

Floating Hearts

This time of year you can find yourself a slew of helium-filled, heart-shaped foil balloons just about anywhere. Sure, you could hit up a big box store or party chain - but WHY WOULD YOU? Not when your local mom-and-pop-balloon-shop is sure to be able to help you with a smile! Need to find one near you? MESSAGE ME Simply attach the balloons to their weights at varying heights to create this lovely look.

"...but Elizabeth I am NOT a DIY kinda gal/guy..."

That's ok! Your local balloon stylist would be happy to help you create any of these looks:

Ask for an organic garland in red, hot pink and coral to recreate this look! You can request the twisted flower details or go for something more playful and add in some smoochy foil lip balloons, hearts, or keep it simple with no add-ons at all! A garland like the would make a major statement on a stairway or could be used to surprise your Valentine on their front porch - proclaiming your borderline obsession with them for all the world to see!

Ask for a lip-shaped BALLOON MOSAIC® How cute would this be on an entry table for a Galentine's Day fete or in a sweet photo opp for your kiddos (just add a white wall!)

Ask your balloon stylist for a balloon marquee with a jumbo open heart and helium balloon add-ons. This look makes a great gift for anyone - kids, grandparents, baristas, your podiatrist - you name it. I love a balloon marquee because you can move it from place to place! Surprise your guy or gal at dinner, then take it home for a photo opp and let it chill in your foyer when finished.

I hope this post has encouraged you to think outside the box (of chocolates) this Valentine's Day!



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