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Full-Service Installs

start at $375

You're only limited by your imagination with our

full-service balloon installations! Delivered and installed by our Extra Betty Team. Order minimum of $375 plus delivery applies.


In-Store Pick Up

You're just a click or two away from #balloonhappiness! Order garlands, marquees, mosaics and helium balloons for pick up from our Chesterland studio.

*Delivery available for orders over $375*


You can check out our m post populuar categories below, or GIVE US A CALL and we will walk you through it all.

Already know what you want? 


Let's Party!

Extra Betty specializes in custom balloon decor - let's work together to make your next moment POP!


From a sweet and simple birthday at home to a corporate gala - we've got you! We service the greater Cleveland area with fun and flair.

Who's Partying with Extra Betty?

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Ready to get poppin'? Fill out the inquiry form below - we can't wait to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

Extra Betty serves the greater Cleveland area! We travel south to Akron, west to Avon and east to Geneva. Areas outside this region are still an option for an additional travel fee.

Do you have an order minimum?

Our minimum order for delivered/installed balloons is $350. Lot's of pick-up options are also available starting at $50!

What items do you have available for pick-up?

Grab and go garlands, balloon marquees, balloon mosaics and helium jumbo balloons/bouquets are all pick-up-able. Let us know what you're driving and we will let you know what works best!

How much to have balloons installed?

We require a $375 minimum order for installation BEFORE delivery charges. That will get you a 12' garland installed. Delivery fee is based on your location but averages between $40-$75.

How long do your balloons last?

While we cannot make any guarantees, indoor balloon decor that is air-filled can last for weeks to even months. Helium balloons last 12-72 hours depending on the size and material, with large foil balloons lasting the longest. Outdoors, balloons are susceptible to the elements and do not love extreme heat, sun, wind or cold.

What do you call that one balloon thing I saw?

We get this question so much we did a BLOG POST ABOUT IT!

The gist is that if it's a long swag of balloons it's a GARLAND. If it stands alone and features a foil number balloon its a MARQUEE. If it's a hard shell filled with balloons it's a MOSAIC. If it floats, it has HELIUM in it. 

I'm ready to book! Now what?

Fill out our INQUIRY FORM. Within 72 hours we will confirm our availability and send a quote. All good? Next, we'll send an invoice for a non-refundable Save The Date Fee ($200). This is required to book your date. The balance will be billed the week of your event. After that, we'll communicate back and forth about the design elements like colors and any extras. Don't have 72 hours to spare?

GIVE US A CALL and we'll do our best to help.

What is a grab-and-go garland?

Grab-and-go garlands are 6' sections of garland that come ready to hang yourself - including materials and easy step-by-step instructions (there's even a video!) They are available for pick-up on Thursdays from 5-8pm at our studio. They will last in their bag NO problem until your weekend event. Order yours HERE.

Where do I pick up my balloons?

Our studio is located at 8389 Mayfield Road, Suite 2B, in Chesterland OH. We are currently open by appt. only but pick up windows are set as:

Monday 5-7PM

Wednesday 5-7PM

Friday 5-7PM

Sunday 10AM-12PM

Aren't balloons bad for the environment?

Extra Betty only works with the highest-quality latex and foil mylar balloons on the market. Our latex balloons are natural rubber and 100% biodegradable - in fact they break down about as quickly as a maple leaf! We also are bit proponents of safe balloon practices - be sure your balloons are secure and weighted and dispose of them properly once popped. NEVER release balloons and try to reuse your foils for craft projects (cut up they make GREAT confetti!)

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